Friday, March 29, 2013


  1. ____Here is an Easter time saving tip - don't waste time coloring the eggs. It will make them easier to hide in the snow...
  2. ____We have the laziest Easter Bunny here....He didn't bother cooking or coloring the eggs and he hid them all in my fridge.
  3. ____Fried rabbit and eggs on this Easter morning...sorry if this was the last house the Easter bunny made it to.
  4. ____The day after Easter should be known as Egg Salad Monday.
  5. ____I am not religious but I am grateful for this easter holiday, in fact I am grateful for any holiday that mean I don't have to go to work.
  6. ____For Easter I'm gonna get really drunk and hide a whole bunch of eggs, wake up sober and have an Easter egg hunt with myself!
  7. ____It is a tradition in my family to put a one hundred dollar bill in a plastic Easter egg and hide it along with all the other eggs. I have collected the reward for 15 years in a row, also this is how long I have been designated the "hider."
  8. ____Decided to have an Easter egg hunt this year. The golden egg has weed in it and all the others have shots of vodka. Who said we were too old for Easter?
  9. ____When you're parents accuse you of lying to them, just look them in the eye and say; SANTA CLAUSE! EASTER BUNNY! TOOTH FAIRY!" and walk away like a boss.
  10. ____I JUST WON MY EASTER EGG HUNT!!! Those 8 year olds didn't stand a chance to my pushing and sprinting. It was kinda like taking candy from a baby!
  11. ____They tell us not to put all our eggs in one basket, then Easter comes and they only give us one basket!
  12. ____Easter can be just as much fun as an adult as it was as a child. Just paint and hide beer cans instead of eggs.
  13. ____If you happen to see a bunny laying brown eggs, do not eat them. ITS NOT CHOCOLATE!!!! HAPPY EASTER!!!!
  14. ____Nails didn't keep Christ on the cross, His love for you did. Have a Happy Easter.
  15. ____You know telling the kids that the Easter bunny is watching just doesn't have the same power as Santa is watching!

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