Saturday, October 13, 2012


  • I really need a day in between Saturday an Sunday.
  • Just sold a lawn mower on eBay. That will be the last time my neighbor wakes me up on a Saturday morning.
  • Happy Saturday!!! May the only work you do be piecing together last night's partying texts.
  • Remember: Being awake during a Saturday Morning sunrise is a sign of a good Friday Night.
  • It's almost guaranteed that every Saturday and Sunday I ask my friends, "Did I do anything stupid last night?"
  • You're on Facebook on a Saturday night talking about how hard you're partying. But there's a problem... You're on Facebook on a Saturday night talking about how hard you're partying. You're not fooling anyone.
  • Typical Saturday Morning: Who's bed is this and where are my pants?
  • Middle Age---When you sit at home on a Saturday night and the phone rings and you really hope it's not for you.
  • I Think my neighbor is holding a Saturday night mass. "Oh god! "Oh lord!" Oh jesus!"
  • A religious man is one who feels repentant on a Sunday, for what he did on Saturday and will do again on Monday.
  • Remember the days of He-Man, Ninja Turtles, Rainbow Brite, Pound Puppies and Pee Wee's Playhouse? Those Saturday mornings were worth getting up for....
  • One of the best parts about Saturday and Sunday mornings is reading the Status Updates people post after a night of drinking.
  • Acting as if today is Saturday. Going to work unshaved, no shower, in shorts and a T, full cooler of beer as my brief case, and the attitude of "don't bother me, it's Saturday".
  • my new excuse for leaving the bar early on a Saturday NIght: "I gotta Preach tomorrow."
  • Remember the time when Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles. Super Nintendo, Sega Genisis, the ORIGINAL Nickelodeon, Saturday morning cartoons. and recess made you a real kid back then.